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Labor Utilization Superintendent

Manage activities concerned with utilization and work of labor pool.

What does a Labor Utilization Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates activities concerned with utilization and work of labor pool in industrial establishment: Inspects plant buildings, structures, and grounds and reviews human resource requests from other departments for workers to perform such work as cleaning tanks, digging ditches, or assisting craft workers, in order to plan labor pool utilization and establish priorities, projects, and schedules. Confers with subordinate supervisory personnel on status of on-going projects and number of workers required in order to determine allocation and assignment of human resources in labor pool. Assigns supervisory personnel and workers to perform work requested, complete on-going projects, or to assist craft workers, considering such factors as priority of project or work, type of work, and available human resources in labor pool. Inspects projects to ensure work performed meets standards and that workers are observing established safety rules and regulations for type of work being performed. Reassigns workers to meet unforeseen emergencies or work requests. Prepares activity reports on utilization of labor pool human resources, status of projects, and workers assigned work with other departments.