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Labor Relations Manager

Manage labor relations programs of the organization.

What does a Labor Relations Manager do?

Manages labor relations program of organization: Analyzes collective bargaining agreement to develop interpretation of intent, spirit, and terms of contract. Advises management and union officials in development, application, and interpretation of labor relations policies and practices, according to policy formulated by DIRECTOR, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS 166.117-010. Arranges and schedules meetings between grieving workers, supervisory and managerial personnel, and BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVE, LABOR UNION 187.167-018, to investigate and resolve grievances. Prepares statistical reports, using records of actions taken concerning grievances, arbitration and mediation cases, and related labor relations activities, to identify problem areas. Monitors implementation of policies concerning wages, hours, and working conditions, to ensure compliance with terms of labor contract. Furnishes information, such as reference documents and statistical data concerning labor legislation, labor market conditions, prevailing union and management practices, wage and salary surveys, and employee benefits programs, for use in review of current contract provisions and proposed changes. May represent management in labor contract negotiations. May supervise employees and be known as Labor Relations Supervisor. May be employed by firm offering labor relations advisory services to either management or labor and be known as Labor Relations Consultant. May be employed by governmental agency to study, interpret, and report on relations between management and labor and be known as Industrial Relations Representative.