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Labor Paralegal

Research and organize employment-related cases.

What does a Labor Paralegal do?

As a Labor Paralegal, you work as a Labor Lawyer ‘s assistant. On a daily basis, you assist with employee contracts, benefit plans, complaints, client interviews, trial and hearing preparation, research, presentation drafts, remarks and speech drafts, and administrative duties like filing and maintaining documents. The only things you can’t do as a Labor Paralegal are give legal advice and represent clients in court. Just about anything else a Labor Lawyer does, though, is part of your job description.

You also have a fairly versatile job position when it comes to location and type of employment when you’re a Labor Paralegal. For example, you may work at a corporation, a private law firm, or on a community project pro bono. But where you work and the capacity you do it in isn’t as significant as the help you’re able to extend through your job.

The scope of what you do is very important to a lot of people. Your work is heavily based in areas like wage laws and discrimination lawsuits, so the people you’re helping are often those voiceless ones whose basic rights have been undermined.