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Labor Mediator

Settle disputes between management and employees.

What does a Labor Mediator do?

People have conflicts all the time-parents and children; students and Teachers; employers, employees, and unions. As a Labor Mediator, you help resolve conflicts, at least within the last group. You do this by identifying the issues that are causing the conflict, then finding solutions.

As a Labor Mediator you know common disputes within these groups revolve around work hours, work conditions, pay increases, and benefit packages. When employees want to keep their jobs and employers want to keep qualified workers, they often turn to you, the Labor Mediator, to help them sort the problem out.

The most important thing you do in this job is to remain neutral. When you are called in for mediation, you gather facts from both sides with an open mind. You ask questions and record answers. Most importantly, you listen to each side so that you can facilitate a resolution.

Once you’ve gathered the facts, you propose possible solutions. You don’t solve the problem for them or create any legally binding mandates. You simply facilitate the conversation and keep it at a temperate level.

Perhaps the most challenging part of your job is keeping the conversation focused. If you’ve ever had a fight with your spouse, then you know how an argument can go off-topic when emotions are running high.

But, if things go well, both sides will make some compromises and come to a mutually satisfying agreement. At that point, you might help them draft agreements before you write a report that outlines the resolution.