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Labor Commissioner

Enforce workplace safety laws for an entire state.

What does a Labor Commissioner do?

Every worker has the right to a safe, productive work environment, and this need gave rise to Labor Commissioner roles as states developed their Departments of Labor. As a Labor Commissioner, you keep corporations in line by investigating work environments, listening to workers’ complaints or concerns, and evaluating all angles to find the truth.

You start as a Deputy Labor Commissioner or in a similar role. Though not the head of the department, you still take a hands-on approach and spend your days speaking with concerned workers or traveling to the organizations being questioned. As the Labor Commissioner, you collect evidence of any wrongdoing or policy violations.

As you work your way up the corporate ladder, you may decide to take on the job of State Labor Commissioner. This high-ranking role sees more time in the office than out in the field, but nevertheless, you still have the power to pinpoint businesses violating safety and fair work regulations.

You look at the evidence presented to you, and contact the business or file the appropriate papers to take a case to court if need be. All the open cases you juggle require excellent multitasking skills and good people skills, as you communicate with your team about ongoing investigations. While some rules were made to be broken, you make sure safety rules aren’t among them.