Kitchen Steward/Stewardess

Supervise kitchen employees not actively engaged in cooking.

What does a Kitchen Steward/Stewardess do?

Supervises kitchen employees not actively engaged in cooking to ensure clean, efficient, and economical food service: Assigns KITCHEN HELPER and other noncooking employees to such activities as dishwashing and silver cleaning. Inspects kitchens, workrooms, and equipment for cleanliness and order. Hires and discharges employees, and posts time and production records. Observes and evaluates employees’ performance to devise methods for improving efficiency and guard against theft and wastage. Takes inventories of china, silverware, and glassware. Reports shortages and requisitions replacement of equipment from STEWARD/STEWARDESS or PURCHASING AGENT. May be working supervisor in establishments employing an EXECUTIVE CHEF, who devotes full time to supervising kitchen employees. May be designated according to area of work as Pantry Steward/Stewardess.