Kitchen Porter

Get a restaurant's dining room ready for customers.

What does a Kitchen Porter do?

A kitchen is a bustling tornado of activity. Chefs, Waiters, and Bartenders cut, stir, blend, shake, and serve food and drinks to dozens, if not hundreds, of customers every day. As a Kitchen Porter, you work in the midst of all that activity.

Your job as the Kitchen Porter starts before the customers arrive. You fold napkins, set tables, and clean and prepare the dining room. You also fill salt and pepper shakers, light candles, put fresh flowers on the tables, and restock the sugar packets on a day-to-day basis as a Kitchen Porter.

The dining room is not the only place you work in though. You also help out in the kitchen by making basic dishes, such as salads, or chopping, dicing, mincing, and cutting vegetables and other ingredients that the Chef will need during their shift.

Once the restaurant doors open, you shift to a higher gear. As the diners finish their meals, you clear the plates, cups, silverware, and debris off the table, and reset it with clean linens and place settings. In between table clearings, you haul the dirty dishes to the kitchen, where you wash each one and place it back in the proper spot.

Of course, the Chef and other kitchen staff keep you on your toes because you also wash all the pots and pans, and help maintain a clean kitchen. You do that by wiping down counters, sterilizing cooking utensils, and sanitizing work areas like the stovetop and refrigerator.