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Kitchen Manager

Manage, train, and motivate kitchen staff.

What does a Kitchen Manager do?

The best Kitchen Manager can make the back of the house run as smooth as chocolate silk pudding. If you want to be that person, you’ll need to be sharp in more than just knife skills. As the name suggests, Kitchen Managers are responsible for managing every aspect of the kitchens that prepare food for hungry diners every night of the week.

This involves handling everything from labor management to vendor relations. As the Kitchen Manager, you oversee a staff of Waiters, Chefs, Dishwashers and other employees, training new ones when necessary and finding replacements if someone calls in sick. You calculate food costs and budget for the month’s menu accordingly. You also take inventory, check incoming food shipments for quality and make sure everything your restaurant serves is fresh and handled in a sanitary way.

Managing all of these elements is a juggling act, and you’ll need effective communication skills to make sure nothing drops. Not to mention that kitchens get hectic during peak hours, so you’ll need everything set before the rush sets in.

But despite your best plans, something will go wrong. So a cool head and ability to think on your feet is essential for when problems arise or messages get mixed. You will also use your speaking ability to motivate staff to push through the busy spells and finish the night’s cleanup in a timely fashion.

Because restaurants are busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, expect to be hard at work when your friends are out on the town. If your feet hurt, it’s not from dancing. It’s because your job keeps you on your toes. But know that your exciting profession beats a standard 9-to-5 any day.