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Kinetic Sculpture Artist

Bring inanimate objects to life by turning them into moving pieces of art.

What does a Kinetic Sculpture Artist do?

Kinetic sculptures move and if you’re a Kinectic Sculpture Artist , you get that. They might sway in the breeze, vibrate with a motor, or swing from side to side with the help of a push from a spectator. Obviously, these movable works of art aren’t your run-of-the-mill figurines. And that makes you a unique creator if you’re a Kinetic Sculpture Artist.

Just like any Artist, you need inspiration as a Kinetic Sculpture Artist. So you head to museums or scour the Internet, looking at sculptures or the works of other Kinetic Sculpture Artists. You determine how these sculptures are made, and you come up with innovative ways to improve on those designs.

You may work with metal, plastic, or wood. You sketch out your sculpture on computer programs before you begin the actual work of sculpting, or if you feel really inspired, you may go right ahead and allow it to take shape under your hands. You cut your materials to fit your design, and then you attach the pieces together. You may also apply paint or varnish to your sculpture to enhance its beauty and make it water resistant.

You take photographs of your completed works and post them on a website so people can see and buy them. When someone buys one of your creations, you pack it up and take it to the Post Office for shipping. You may also spend your weekends at art fairs and markets, luring people to buy your sculptures. You’ll be sad to see your favorite pieces go, but you’ll dry your tears with the money you earn.

When you’re not hard at work creating or selling, you spend hours at your computer, applying for grants so you can devote yourself to your art. You seek out large sculpture projects and then develop plans for them. If you win a project, you may focus on it for months or even years at a time.