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Help recovered patients continue to improve strength and movement.

What does a Kinesiotherapist do?

Kinesiotherapists help people maintain their strength after sickness or injury. You do this through a series of science-based exercises that gently increase your patients’ physical activity, and bring up their overall health.

Your job as a Kinesiotherapist is pretty close to that of a Physical Therapist. Both of you work with patients on the mend from illness or injury. But the big difference is that a Physical Therapist helps people who are newly recovering from sickness or surgery, while as a Kinesiotherapist you will tend to work with clients who are almost completely healed. While the patients of a Physical Therapist use their therapy as a way to get back to where they were before their illness, yours are looking to improve their overall physical skills or daily functioning so as to prevent a second round of illness or injury.

You’ll find clients as they come off a recovery period by a referral from their Doctor, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or any primary care provider. For each client you work with, you’ll need to create a specific personalized exercise plan, keeping in mind their medical history as well as their goals and abilities. You then explain and demonstrate to them the different exercises they can do at home to improve their flexibility, strength, endurance, and mobility. Throughout your sessions, you observe and record your client’s progress, altering goals and treatment plans as they get better.

It is your goal to help your clients improve their general functioning. Teaching them things like different ways of lifting, standing, or distributing their weight will help alleviate their pain and get them back into shape.

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