Kiln Transfer Operator

Drive electric-powered transfer cars to transfer carloads of lumber.

What does a Kiln Transfer Operator do?

Drives electric-powered transfer car to transfer carloads of lumber between loading, drying, and storage areas, and operates winch to load and unload kilns: Turns rheostat lever to drive transfer car along track to loading platform, and aligns rails on transfer car with rails on platform. Hooks winch cable to carload of lumber and pushes and pulls levers to activate winch and pull loaded lumber car onto transfer car. Drives transfer car with carload of lumber to designated dry kiln and aligns transfer car rails with rails into kiln. Hooks cable to lumber car and operates winch to pull lumber car into kiln. Pulls lumber car from kiln when lumber is dry and transfers it to storage or to processing department. May tend stacking machine that stacks and unstacks lumber onto lumber car [STACKER, MACHINE].