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Kiln Car Repairer

Repair kiln cars.

What does a Kiln Car Repairer do?

Repairs kiln cars: Sweeps dust and chipped brick from beds of empty kiln cars, using broom. Scrapes loose or chipped mortar from sides of kiln cars, using trowel. Pours water and mortar mix into wheelbarrow, stirs mixture, and spreads and smooths mortar onto sides of kiln cars to repair heat-resistant cover, using trowel. Replaces broken refractory blocks on beds of kiln cars and straightens uneven blocks, using rubber mallet. Lubricates kiln car wheels, using grease gun. May position wooden frame over frame of kiln car, pour mortar into wooden frame, lay insulation mat over mortar, and place refractory slabs and bricks in prescribed order over mat to build new kiln cars.