Kickboxing Instructor

Provide kickboxing lessons.

What does a Kickboxing Instructor do?

The pounding adrenaline, the physical fitness, and the boost in self-esteem – these are all reasons your clients come to your for kickboxing lessons. As a Kickboxing Instructor, you’re a more specialized type of Fitness Instructor. Instead of focusing on an assortment of exercise routines, you hone in on just one specialty. Kickboxing lets your clients punch and kick their way to strong, fat-free bodies and effective self-defense skills.

Kickboxing sessions can take place at a gym where you help others lose weight, or in a dojo where you teach others fighting skills for tournaments or self-defense. As a Kickboxing Instructor, you take fitness seriously. This isn’t playtime; this is fitness boot camp!

No matter how many people you’re instructing, your ultimate goal is always safety. Warming up and cooling down are as vital to a successful workout as the exercise itself. You guide clients through the moves, whether they’re beginners or pros. In the dojo, you help students master control of their bodies, and teach them the moves to catch an opponent off guard.

Instructing a group is one thing, but actually motivating them is a different story. Soon, your clients will see their hard work pay off as they lose weight or win a big tournament. Your goal as a Kickboxing Instructor is to amp up the enthusiasm so they keep coming back and really push themselves to be their best.