Key Rigging Grip

Direct other Riggers to safely set up cameras and cool scenery on sets.

What does a Key Rigging Grip do?

A Key Rigging Grip is the boss who oversees rigging and Riggers during the production of a film or TV show. Riggers, or Rigging Grips, are a type of Grip — a unionized worker who sets up, moves, and dismantles movie cameras, equipment, and scenery. Riggers are the people in charge of all rigging needs on set, from building scaffolding from which to hang lights, cameras, and screens to erecting blackout tents that turn day into night at on-location sets.

Although it’s largely the work of talented Set Designers, therefore, cinematic scenery wouldn’t be possible without these workers. They’re part of the crew that makes movie sets look like real-world places and spaces.

Usually, a “chief” Grip, called a Key Grip, oversees and manages all other Grips. In large productions, however, some Film Producers will also hire a second, specialized Key Grip — the Key Rigging Grip — to oversee just the Riggers.

When you’re a Key Rigging Grip, your duties are a lot like those of a Key Grip. For example, you plan and implement logistics. You also hire, schedule, and supervise workers. In addition, you physically build the infrastructure required for lighting, cameras, and scenery.

Because set rigs often support expensive — and heavy — hardware, however, it also means you ensure the safety of the equipment, and of the people who work with and around it.

A master of pulleys, cables, and trusses, you’re basically paid to manage the cinematic equivalent of an Erector Set!