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Keno Writer

Run Keno games at a casino.

What does a Keno Writer do?

As a Keno Writer, you’re responsible for supervising a casino’s “Keno” games, which are like bingo. Although no two casinos play identical versions of Keno, players generally bet on which 20 numbers (individually and/or in combinations) will be drawn at random from among 80 possible numbers. Each game takes only a few minutes, so you may supervise 200 or more games in a day as a Keno Writer.

Working in a casino’s Keno lounge, as the Keno Writer, you receive and record all the bets for each game, giving players (or the runners who service players scattered throughout the casino) a verified copy of their bets. In effect, you serve as the casino’s ” Banker ” for the game, accepting wagers and paying out winnings.

During each game, you oversee and operate the machine that chooses the winning numbers. You also announce each number as it is chosen.

After each game, you validate any winning bets, calculate each winner’s prize, and pay out the correct amounts. To do this accurately, you must thoroughly understand the rules of Keno at your casino, and be adept at math.

Scrutinizing betting slips and comparing numbers over and over again can be tedious work. Even so, you must work quickly and accurately. Players expect fast service, and your bosses will have little patience for errors.

To succeed as a Keno Writer, you must be capable of paying close attention to detail and be comfortable working under pressure. Since you’ll be dealing directly with bettors, it’s also vital that you behave in a friendly manner and exhibit good customer service skills.