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Kennel Supervisor

Manage animal shelter workers and perform maintenance on buildings.

What does a Kennel Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of animal shelter workers, and performs maintenance on buildings and equipment: Establishes and coordinates work schedule to expedite accomplishment of essential and emergency tasks, issues instructions to workers, examines work results, and provides training to improve performance. Examines ailing animals to determine need of services from VETERINARIAN 073.101-010. Replaces faulty electrical and plumbing fixtures, builds shelves, and paints structures and equipment to maintain shelter facilities. Greases water pump and observes water pumping system and pressure gauge to verify water pressure and detect signs of leakage. Tunes-up, replaces parts, and maintains ambulance, pickup truck, lawnmower, and edger, using handtools, spare parts, and maintenance manuals. Cleans and disinfects shelter area, using high pressure water hose and bleach, to prepare shelter to receive visitors. Operates shelter euthanasia equipment to destroy designated animals. Drives ambulance and pickup truck in response to emergency calls and to investigate complaints of animal neglect or cruelty. Assists workers in interring coffins of heavy animals. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.