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Jury Consultant

Gather jury information to help Lawyers win big cases.

What does a Jury Consultant do?

As a Jury Consultant, you’re the Psychic of the legal world, gazing into your crystal ball to predict the outcome of a case. More specifically, you work as a third-party contractor hired to assist Lawyers in selecting jurors for complex cases, in addition to providing human behavior profiles of each juror. Lawyers rely on your Jury Consultant expertise of psychology and sociology to compose an argument and sway the jury to the desired judgment or outcome.

With your intuition and understanding of human motives, as a Jury Consultant, you create juror profiles in order for Lawyers to “know” their jurors before the trial. These profiles are the result of research into each juror’s and potential juror’s background, lifestyle, career, family, and any other information that can be gathered. Collecting this information means you’re a great researcher and Writer.

After composing your research, you perform a mock trial for the law firm that has hired you. A typical mock trial allows you to coach witnesses, read body language, and instruct Lawyers on how to speak. In this way, you place the Lawyer in the audience of Law & Order to create possible scenarios.

During the actual trial, you focus on a strategy for how the Lawyer should present each argument. This means evaluating, given your previous research, how each juror will perceive each piece of information. As a human behavior specialist, you analyze people in the way Literature Professors analyze books: reading between the lines of the jury’s mind.