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Junior Engineer

Perform engineering work under the guidance of senior engineers.

What does a Junior Engineer do?

If you’re a Junior Engineer, you’re usually fresh out of engineering school. While you may have a fancy diploma to show off to your friends and family, you may not have the practical experience to complete a complicated engineering project. In a way, you’re like an intern in that everything you do is checked by someone else. Unlike an intern though, as a Junior Engineer you’re paid for your time and you probably have benefits as well.

Your workday as a Junior Engineer is similar to that of a Senior Engineer. For one thing, you develop drawings that describe how a project should go. You either draw these images yourself using computer programs, or make markings on paper for Drafters to enter into the computer.

You also create written instructions, called specifications, which outline the materials needed for the project and how those materials should be installed. Both your drawings and your specifications are reviewed by Engineers with more experience. You graciously take their feedback and incorporate those lessons into your next project.

Sometimes, you meet with clients and determine what they would like to see in the finished product. If a request from a client is simply not possible from an engineering perspective, you break the news to them as gently as you can.

When a project is complete, you may tag along while a Senior Engineer inspects the construction. You’ll learn a lot of things on these trips, like how to perform an inspection, and what can go wrong when the drawings and specifications that Engineers produce aren’t followed to the letter.