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Judo Instructor

Coach students on judo techniques.

What does a Judo Instructor do?

Children and adults study judo to learn how to throw other people to the ground. It may sound simple, but it’s actually an art that can take years and years of practice, and years and years of lessons. As a Judo Instructor, you provide those lessons.

You teach both young children and older students, so learning to adjust your teaching techniques as a Judo Instructor according to the ages and skill levels of your students is an important part of your job.

At the beginning of each class, you demonstrate a particular move to your students. You then ask them to perform that same move. As they practice, you walk among them, suggesting minor modifications to the way they’re standing, for example, or grappling with one another. Sometimes, you ask them to spar with one another, and you provide pointers to help both the winner and the loser improve.

Judo involves more than fighting. Some of your lessons revolve around meditation, respect, and self-confidence. Your students can apply these skills in other areas of their lives, and their parents and partners may appreciate these mental lessons more than any other lesson you provide. Sprinkling these lessons between rigorous bouts of exercise can keep even the most restless students interested in what you’re saying.

Martial arts students use a series of colored belts to distinguish themselves by skill. As a Judo Instructor, you always encourage your students to work hard to achieve a higher belt class, and you decide when they have achieved that rank. When you present their advanced belt, they may become quite emotional and you may be swarmed with tearful hugs.