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Journalism Professor



Teach university students about journalism.

What does a Journalism Professor do?

As a Journalism Professor, you instruct your students on the ever-changing art of delivering the news. Each day, the world wakes up hungry for new information, and it’s your Journalism Professor responsibility to teach the next generation of Reporters how to feed the beast.

Yesterday, newspapers and television broadcasts reigned supreme, but today, the Internet and digital media are giving print sources a run for their money. Your advice as a Journalism Professor and direction aid your pupils in discovering which outlet of journalism is a good fit. One student might take right to broadcast news as if they were born to read a teleprompter, while another’s keen sleuthing and obsessive Internet blogging might turn them into an investigative sensation. It’s up to you as their Journalism Professor to help each unique talent find its place in the journalism industry.

The lessons you plan are about so much more than instructing young minds on how to sit at a computer and research all day. Sure, fact checking should always be a great foundation for good journalism to rest upon, but you craft lessons for classes that range from photojournalism to mass media to newspaper design. With such a creative group of students in your hands, the group video projects and local scoops that you’re expected to grade are usually a lot more fascinating than a lengthy history report or 20 pages of math problems.

Each class you teach is a little different as technology and trends spiral forward, but you always stress good ethics in truth telling. While your curriculum varies, the fundamentals remain the same. No matter what medium it’s in, news that’s not reported well is news that’s not worth hearing.

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