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Jointer Operator

Set up and operate jointer machines to reduce flat furniture woodstock.

What does a Jointer Operator do?

Sets up and operates jointer machine to reduce flat furniture woodstock to specified width or to plane, square, smooth, rabbet, or otherwise shape edges of stock so that stock might be joined tightly: Selects and installs knives in cutterhead according to pattern to be cut, using wrenches and gauges. Adjusts and clamps guide in position on machine table, according to width of stock and specified angle of cut. Turns handwheels to adjust table height and to expose cutting knives, according to specified depth of cut and thickness of stock. Starts machine, places stock on machine table against guide, and pushes stock over rotating cutting knives, or inserts stock into automatic feed mechanism that carries stock through machine. Reverses stock and cuts opposite edge. Verifies cuts, angles, and dimensions of stock to ensure conformance with specifications, using gauges, square, rule, or template. May operate machine to square or tongue and groove edges of core stock so that stock may be glued together to form wide boards and be designated Glue-Jointer Operator.