Job Setter

Set up and adjust machines used to fabricate parts for electron tubes.

What does a Job Setter do?

Sets up and adjusts machines, such as grid formers or spade-winding machines, used to fabricate parts for electron tubes: Reads work order or receives verbal instructions regarding machine setup. Installs specified parts, such as gears, cams, ratchets, cutters, and guides in machine. Sets control mechanisms that regulate functions, such as feed rate, spindle speed, air pressure, and wire tension. Loads, positions, and aligns wire or other fabrication material on feed mechanisms. Starts machine and observes operation to detect malfunction. Examines and measures sample part, using magnifying device and measuring instruments, such as balance scale, ruler, and micrometer, to ensure part meets specifications or to determine cause of defect. May maintain and repair machinery. May sharpen tools, using grinder or polishing equipment.