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Job Printer

Set up and operate cylinders or platen presses to print complete job order.

What does a Job Printer do?

Sets type according to copy and operates cylinder or automatic platen press to print complete job order: Selects type from type case and inserts type in printer’s stick to reproduce material in copy. Inserts spacers between words and leads between lines. Slides type from stick into galley. Removes assembled type from galley and places type on composing stone. Places chase over type, inserts quoins, and locks chase to hold type. Lays form on bed of proof press, inks type, fastens sheet of paper to press roller, and pulls roller over form to make proof copy. Reads proof for errors and clarity of impression. Corrects errors by resetting type and improves impression by tapping face of type with hammer. Positions form on bed of press and tightens clamps, using wrench. Fills ink fountain and moves lever to adjust flow of ink. Sets feed guides according to size and thickness of paper. Runs proofsheet through press and examines sheet for clarity of impression. Pushes button to start press, examines printed sheets, and adjusts press when printing is defective. Cleans ink rollers at end of run.