Job Analyst

Gather detailed information about jobs for inclusion in help wanted ads.

What does a Job Analyst do?

If you’ve ever looked for a job, then you’ve seen what a job listing looks like. On Craigslist, in the classified ads of the local newspaper, on a company website, or on an online job board, job listings outline the expectations and requirements of jobs. Without that information, it would be difficult to connect the right jobseeker with the right position.

As a Job Analyst, you study (or analyze) jobs in order to gather information for those job listings. Job Analysts might work as a Consultant, hired as needed to advise companies looking to recruit employees or make changes to their employment structure. Or you might work full-time for a firm, if it’s large enough to require its own Job Analysts on staff.

For job descriptions to be accurate, you need to understand the job. So you gather information by talking with the employees performing the job, doing online research, and comparing the position with those advertised on the internet.

Pertinent data commonly includes skills, abilities, talents, personal traits, and the educational requirements for the job. You also identify the amount of prior experience, certifications, licensing, and specialized training that is needed. Additionally, you list the pay and benefits offered by the company.

Clearly outlining the duties performed in a certain position also gives employers a reference when submitting performance evaluations. What exactly is Jane’s job and how well is she doing it?

Because you’re so familiar with each position, you’re often charged with writing interview questions and preparing training materials for new hires as well.