Tend dye jigs that pass cloth from one roll to another through vat of dye.

What does a Jigger do?

Tends dye jig that passes cloth from one roll to another through vat of dye or other solution to scour, bleach, or dye cloth: Mounts roll of cloth on machine, using power hoist. Passes cloth under guide rollers in tank to takeup roll. Turns valve to fill tank with water and pours specified quantity of dye into tank or notifies DYE-WEIGHER HELPER to release dye solution to dye machine. Sets thermostat to control steam for heating solution. Adds chemicals as instructed by DYER, SUPERVISOR 582.131-014. Starts machine that passes cloth through dye bath or chemical solution, reversing direction of cloth until it has passed through solution specified number of times. Opens valve to drain solution from machine. Fills machine with water and rinses surplus dye from cloth by passing cloth through water as in dyeing. Doffs roll of cloth from dye jig, using power hoist. May weigh and mix dyes.