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Jewelry Designer

Create fantastic jewelry using gemstones and sparkling metals.

What does a Jewelry Designer do?

Jewelry Designers work with different metals, woods and stones to create beautiful pieces of wearable art. Your job is to work with a client, either an individual or a store, to sketch or draw out a one of a kind design that will express some part of the wearer’s personality. Anything found at Tiffany’s, worn around a rappers neck or hanging from the ears of red carpet celebrities all started in one place: the mind of a Jewelry Designer.

There are two different types of Designer you can become as a Jewelry Designer; the first is one who makes costume jewelry, or designs made out of inexpensive metal, shells, wood or plastic. This is the jewelry you find in chain department stores or Target and it’s the stuff every high school and college girl owns and loves.

The second type of design is fine jewelry design. These pieces are made of precious metals like gold or silver and include gems like diamonds or rubies. This is the stuff you see on celebrities and find in engagement or wedding rings.

Another big area of this field is the fixing of jewelry. Although you may hope to spend all your time creating new designs, in reality jewelry repair is a major source of income for jewelry stores. The job of jewelry repairer is known as being a Bench Jeweler and while not glamorous, is a great way to gain the crafting skills you need to become a “Fine Jeweler”, or one who designs using fine stones and metals.