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Work with jewels or precious metals to get customers the bangles they want.

What does a Jeweler do?

If you have a love for precious metals and gems, a job as a jeweler may be a fitting choice. Not only are you surrounded by valuable stones (both natural and synthetic), but you also get to share your passion with others in the industry and provide a variety of services for customers too.

While the term Jeweler technically refers to someone who makes jewelry, it is commonly used to describe a variety of other positions as well. For example, you might work in a retail jewelry store helping customers select necklaces, bracelets, or even a once-in-a-lifetime wedding set. You take orders, size rings, replace watch batteries, inspect prongs and clasps, and clean or buff jewelry.

With knowledge of the industry and current market, you could also work as a jewelry appraiser. In this position, you thoroughly inspect the cut, mounting, quality, clarity, size, and shape of the piece, then assign a market worth based on your evaluation. Auction houses, insurance companies, antique dealers, and individuals rely on you for this information.

You could also use the title gemologist if you want to identify, classify, grade, and appraise different gems. And as a goldsmith, you could melt gold, hammer and cut silver, or piece together other precious metals to create one-of-a-kind pendants, brooches, or necklaces. While you might focus on taking special orders, performing repairs, or selling your unique designs to the public, it is very common for today’s jewelers to do a little bit of everything.