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Jacquard Loom Heddles Tier

Attach parts to Jacquard loom to prepare mechanism for weaving process.

What does a Jacquard Loom Heddles Tier do?

Attaches harness parts to head of Jacquard loom to prepare pattern control mechanism for weaving process: Ties neck cords to hooks in head of loom or connects cords with wire link. Draws neck cords through bottom board to prevent tangling, and ties neck cords to harness cords which have been threaded through comber board. Places leveling board on loom and reties harness cords to heddles to align heddle eyes. Brushes varnish on cord knots to prevent slipping and clips ends of cord close to knots, using scissors. May draw harness cords through comber board holes in specified order, gathering ends of harness cords in bunches and tying heddles and lingos to other ends of cords. May place drop wires on warp threads [DROP-WIRE HANGER].