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Item Processing Clerk

Prepare and distribute bank statements.

What does an Item Processing Clerk do?

A lesser-known position in the banking industry, an Item Processing Clerk is responsible for data management. Whether preparing a bank statement or answering a question, an Item Processing Clerk always represents the bank.

As an Item Processing Clerk representing the financial institution, you work behind the reception desk or information counter. When you’re not assisting customers in person, you prepare and distribute bank statements and find errors in banking records. Your attention to detail is essential in this position, as one minor mishap can mean thousands of dollars lost.

Put your listening ears on! Customers want your full attention and you must take the time to listen. Asking appropriate questions, not interrupting, and hearing their concerns all lend to outstanding customer service.

You must possess and masterfully demonstrate English, communication, and public speaking skills. Critical thinking is also required, as you use logic and reason to find the best solution to a problem. Your ability to clearly articulate your understanding of the problem and your solution is the difference between happy and unhappy customers.

Office equipment use is a regular part of your job as well, as you file papers, make copies, and fix the occasional malfunction. When you can’t fix it, you call in the experts to make the repair and get things moving again.

More than just a paper-pusher, this position allows you to become the hero of the hour for your customers. After all, you just fixed the error and their money is back where it belongs.