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IT Security Manager

Wrangle a team of IT Security Analysts to keep the company's computers safe

What does an IT Security Manager do?

In banks, Security Guards keep out criminals. In clubs, Bouncers keep the troublemakers in line. In the cyberworld, the IT Security Manager keeps hackers away from a company’s valuable data.

You plan out security systems, create documentation, and educate employees on computer safety. In larger companies you may answer to the Chief IT Security Officer. In smaller companies, you run the whole show.

On a daily basis, you review the computer’s current security systems, and talk with your Analysts to see how it’s functioning. New viruses and other malicious programs evolve every day, so you must stay ever vigilant to catch an attack before it starts. You review current documents and make changes to the system as needed.

Building and maintaining a system isn’t enough. For it to work, you need to show staff members how to use it. For example, they need to verify that virus protection software and firewalls are always turned on. Turn them off and a whole swarm of viruses can waltz straight through the front door.

One of the most important aspects of your job as an IT Security Manager is preparing for the worst. Having an emergency plan is crucial to saving irreplaceable data and costly equipment. In the case of confidential information, such as a list of the personal info of a company’s clients, you must ensure that if an attack does occur, a hacker cannot view this information. Through your work with encryption and passwords, you help your clients avoid a landslide of lawsuits and profit loss.