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IT Operations Analyst



Maintain IT systems for a company.

What does an IT Operations Analyst do?

An information technology (or IT) system is a lot like oxygen. It surrounds the user, is readily available, and is completely necessary for life. When a patient doesn’t have enough oxygen, it’s a life-threatening situation. Likewise, when a user doesn’t have a functional IT system, the boredom can close in and the user can feel like death is a good option.

That makes you, as an IT Operations Analyst, some sort of lifesaver for users. As an IT Operations Analyst, you always look for ways to keep the IT flowing, and repair the IT system when it fails.

You likely work for a large company when you’re an IT Operations Analyst, and have one large IT system to work with. Analyzing how your company is using the system, you look for areas where the system could be improved. You also read up on new software and hardware that might benefit your company. If you find a new technology that might work, you ask your Supervisor to purchase a test copy so you could put the product through its paces before you decide whether or not to buy it.

If your company’s IT system goes down, you run tests to determine where the system fell apart. You might replace hardware, such as a computer router or cables, or you might run software to remove viruses from the system. You work nonstop until the system is up and running again, even eating meals at your desk while you work, although you’ll be careful to keep your pizza off of your keyboard. Once your system is working again, you analyze reports to determine what went wrong and what you can do to prevent these problems from occurring in the future.

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