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IT Instructor



Give classes in information technology.

What does an IT Instructor do?

While it may seem like children are born with the innate ability to compose text messages, program DVR machines, and reach 50,000 points on most video games, the fact remains that most people still need training in information technology to succeed in business. As an IT Instructor, you provide that training.

On a day-to-day basis as an IT Instructor you may work with adults at a community college or vocational school, or with younger students at a high school. Regardless of where you’re an IT Instructor, the process is basically the same.

Before the course begins, you choose a book for the students to study. You may need to pick a new one each year, as the information changes often and you’ll want your students to have the most up-to-date information available. To make the right choice, you may have to spend your weekends reading new textbooks.

You also perform lectures in front of your students. You observe them as they practice their skills on computers, give them homework assignments, and check those assignments when the students turn them in. Additionally, you give and grade tests. At the end of the course, you assign each student a final grade.

Some students may be inspired by the course, but they may not have a computer at home to work on. So you keep your computer lab open during specific hours so those students can practice at school. You may also help struggling students during these lab hours. You’ll bond with these students through the glow of the computer screen, and you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment when they begin to understand the concepts you’re teaching.

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