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Irrigation System Installer

Install underground pipes for farm irrigation systems.

What does an Irrigation System Installer do?

Installs underground pipe for farm irrigation systems, performing any combination of following tasks: Drives straight-bed truck with attached pole trailer [POLE-TRUCK DRIVER] to deliver pipe, risers, and pump stands to installation site. Operates crawler-type trench digger to dig trench along prestaked route. Measures plastic pipe to specified length and cuts pipe, using handsaw. Applies plastic cement to pipe and coupler, using brush, and fits pipe and coupler together. Attaches risers to pipe at specified intervals, using plastic cement and fittings. Digs hole for pump stand, using shovel, and lowers stand and assembled pipe into excavation by hand. Welds mating collar to pump stand [WELDER, ARC]. Operates crawler-type tractor to cover pipe [BULLDOZER OPERATOR I].