Irrigation Foreman

Ensure that irrigation pipelines are properly installed and functional.

What does an Irrigation Foreman do?

Without water, plants, grass, and crops would fail to thrive. When a Farmer has to maintain thousands of acres of corn, or a major golf resort needs to keep fairways green and flowerbeds fresh, irrigation systems automate the job. But they don’t automatically install themselves, so they call Irrigation Foreman, you step in. As an Irrigation Foreman, you make sure the system is planned, installed, and functioning.

You don’t work alone, but as the Irrigation Foreman, you’re in charge of the project. Whether it’s a residential backyard, an 18-hole golf course plus clubhouse, or a college campus, you’re part of the process from the first diagram to the final sprinkler test.

If it’s a small, basic project, you might design the layout yourself, deciding where to place sprinkler heads, what type to use, and which areas to place drip hoses. For more involved projects, an Engineer, Drafter, Landscape Designer, or other professional might get the ball rolling with a detailed design.

Once the plan is in your hands, you make sure your staff and all necessary supplies make it to the jobsite. Then you supervise the crew while they dig trenches, lay pipes, attach sprinkler heads, and test the system. Along the way, you stay vigilant about protecting existing plants, trees, and flowerbeds.

Once the project is done, you and your crew replace the dirt, plant sod, and replant any disturbed flowers. Of course, you do all this while staying within budget and timeline limitations.