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Irrigation District Manager

Manage construction, maintenance, and operation of irrigation systems.

What does an Irrigation District Manager do?

Plans and directs construction, maintenance, and operation of irrigation system within area delegated by board of directors: Establishes company policies relating to matters such as regulation of distribution and use of water, setting up of operation and maintenance standards, and standards concerned with construction of drainage systems. Recommends changes in policy, basing recommendations on study of capacity of present facilities, agricultural requirements, crop trends, and probable future water needs. Prepares directives to carry out policies approved by board. Confers with farmers, officials of city water systems, and representatives of county, state, and federal government to discuss matters such as water delivery schedules, construction problems at road and highway intersections, and diversion of river water for district use. Visits division offices, inspects field operations, and reviews periodic reports from subordinates to determine progress of construction and maintenance projects, distribution of water within divisions, collection of charges to users, and status of other phases of operation. Reviews budget estimates and compiles and approves estimates for district. Approves employment and discharge of employees, signs payrolls, and performs similar personnel duties.