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Irrigation Consultant

Equip clients with systems for watering crops or gardens.

What does an Irrigation Consultant do?

Water is powerful. While it can wash out entire cities, it’s also necessary for our everyday lives. So with some planning from an irrigation consultant, you harness it to water crops, keep resort lawns green, and nurture public gardens.

As an irrigation consultant, you typically step in at the planning stages to help customers determine how best to meet the water needs of their businesses. Of course, not all businesses need your expertise. A store owner, for example, isn’t concerned with how water affects his or her business. A golf course, however, would surely fail without similar considerations.

To initiate an effective irrigation system, you work with a team of other professionals (engineers, architects, project managers, etc.). Together you evaluate the best plan for the customer’s needs. Can you reuse the water available on the land? Can you pull water from a nearby lake or river? Does the end product require the water to be filtered?

In addition to these concerns, you consider the customer’s budget and timeline. You evaluate equipment needs and supply requirements, and work up a cost analysis. If possible, you give the customer options and let them choose a plan that suits their needs.

To visually relay the details of your plan, you create or locate topographical maps of the area, and use computer-aided design (CAD) software to make three-dimensional diagrams. With an irrigation design chosen, you then oversee the process of locating and collecting bids from a variety of contractors to make your design a reality.