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Ironworker-Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines equipped with separate sections.

What does an Ironworker-Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine equipped with separate sections that cut-to-length, punch, and notch or trim structural shapes and plates: Positions specified punch and die set and turns pressure screws to lock them into ram and bed of machine to set up punching section. Positions specified cutting blades into cutting slot, and notching dies or shear blades into ram and bed of machine, and turns pressure or clamp screws to lock them in place to set up cutoff, and trimming-and-notching sections of machine. Measures workpiece with rule or tape, or traces from template to locate holes or cutting lines as specified by work order, and marks them with scribe, soapstone, or centerpunch. Pulls lever to engage power to section used. Positions workpiece into cutting slot, or under punch, die, or trim blade, and aligns punch or blade with layout marks. Pulls lever or depresses pedal to activate machine. Sets stops or positions guide jigs to specified point on built-in scale when several pieces are worked. May tend different sections of machine.