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Irish Moss Operator

Operate equipment to process Irish moss into powdered stabilizer.

What does an Irish Moss Operator do?

Operates centrifugal separator, pressure cooker, drum drier, hammer mill, and air separator to process Irish moss into powdered stabilizer used in food processing: Pumps boiled mixture from holding tank into centrifugal separator and starts machine to separate moss from mixture. Pumps mixture from centrifuge to pressure cooker. Weighs out and adds specified amounts of powdered ingredients. Turns steam valve and observes pressure gauges on pressure cooker to cook mixture for specified time. Pumps mixture to drier and turns valve to heat drier to prescribed temperature and reduce product to solid form. Starts screw conveyor to carry mixture out of drier through hammer mill and air separator to pulverize and deposit product in containers for storage. May draw sample of product and perform tests, using meters, or submit sample for testing.