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Invoicing Specialist

Prepare bills and send them out to clients.

What does an Invoicing Specialist do?

“Invoice” is just another name for “bill.” It’s a list of goods or services that a client has to pay for. As an Invoicing Specialist, you handle everything that has to do with putting invoices together and sending them out to clients.

Invoices are used in lots of different fields, so as an Invoicing Specialist, you can work within a wide range of professional fields. You might work for a clothing manufacturer, property management firm, or health care clinic. In fact, one of the areas where Invoicing Specialist jobs is supposed to grow the fastest in the coming years is in hospitals.

This is because, as the population ages, there will be more medical procedures done. And with billing becoming automated, the industry will need people who know what they’re doing.

So what exactly do you do in this role? Essentially, you’re the one who prepares everything for a bill. You verify billing information, enter the amount due, and write out an itemized account of what the client is paying for.

You also add up amounts, make sure the correct percentage of tax is being charged, and deduct any discounts. Additionally, you copy receipts and handle any questions clients may have. And if you’re using an automated machine, you make sure nothing breaks.

This is pretty routine work, and most of the training for it is done on the job. You do need to know basic math and should be pretty good with a ten key so that you can quickly move through stacks of information.