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Investment Underwriter

Assess the risks of investment deals so that both parties profit.

What does an Investment Underwriter do?

Investment Underwriters manage negotiations and deals between companies offering securities, such as stocks, and clients interested in these investments. They review the terms of a deal and write up the agreement. Investment Underwriters cover situations such as an institution investing money into a promising company or a merger between two organizations.

Both parties involved hope to gain money from the transaction. Your primary role as an Investment Underwriter is helping your clients strike a deal that benefits both sides. The CEO of a business wants investments to grow and expand her business, while clients make investments hoping to earn a return. If the company succeeds, so do the clients.

Much of your time is spent in the office talking with clients or going over paperwork. Crunching numbers and imagining “What if?” scenarios lets you determine the risk level of a particular investment. Clients rely on you to steer them clear of danger.

Once the deal is done, you keep an eye on the company to see how it’s performing. You need the skills of an Accountant to spot financial storm clouds in the distance, paired with the smarts of an Analyst to steer the company back into calm waters. All investments come with risks, but your financial know-how keeps those risks from climbing too high.