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Investment Banking Analyst

Do research and clerical tasks to get large-scale deals off the ground.

What does an Investment Banking Analyst do?

This is a great position to get your foot in the door at an investment institution, such as an investment bank. A job as an Investment Banking Analyst is the ground floor position where you watch and learn from other professionals in the building. While working as an Investment Banking Analyst, you learn how the investment world works, most commonly in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

The whole investment team, from the Managing Director down to you, plays a role in connecting businesses together in deals. For your part as the Investment Banking Analyst, you are in the learning stage. You observe, take notes, and do as you’re told. Yes, that’s kind of a polite way of saying you’re the grunt.

You work with the Investment Banking Associate, who allows you varying roles in each transaction. Commonly, you put together a lot of Excel spreadsheets. Each time there’s a change in the deal, you update the information. You also provide the results from substantial research hours.

You run for coffee, bring in hamburgers, and get out of the way unless you’re asked to do something. In addition, you put together presentations for prospective clients, and provide reports as requested.

Your eyes are glued to every move the Associate makes so you can watch and learn. This is an entry-level, but essential, step on the road to other investment banking positions. From here, you can move into an Associate position. With luck and skill, you can further advance to the Investment Banking Vice President and Managing Director positions.