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Investment Banker



Arrange large-scale investment deals for clients.

What does an Investment Banker do?

Investment Bankers advise clients on financial investing and organizing of high importance. It is your job as an Investment Banker to decide what investments are right for your client, which could be an individual or corporation. Then you are responsible for buying and selling the assets of your recommendation.

Being an Investment Banker can take a large toll on your patience. Deals often go long into the night and can be very stressful, so your job may be a bit tiring at times. But when you get into the big leagues of Investment Banking, you will wheel and deal with the best of them, love what you’re doing, and make a great living.

But that’s the very top. Becoming an Investment Banker takes a lot of skill and experience. And though it may take awhile to get there, the route to the top is exciting and fast-paced. In addition to handling the financial needs of your clients, you will keep a close eye on the market, be constantly tuned into where it’s heading, and you will handle selling a company’s stock to the public.

In this position, you will do a lot of financial analysis, so being a natural at numbers and economics is a must. You will also travel frequently, visiting current and potential clients, and watching over investments. Your role in big businesses is extremely important because those kinds of companies affect so many people. So you should love what you’re doing, and appreciate the impact and significance that your work holds.

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