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Investment Analyst Career Information

What skills do hiring managers look for in investment analysts?

Investment analysts typically carry skills in investments, valuation, and financial modeling. Additionally, equities or asset allocation knowledge could potentially differentiate you from other candidates during the job application process.

Investment Analyst Education & Background

Before applying for investment analyst jobs, candidates will want to have a bachelor’s degree and perhaps an advanced degree in economics. Economics is the preferred degree in this field compared to other majors such as finance and business administration. Accounting majors are also more popular than business and commerce majors.

Investment analysts work both individually and in collaboration with others in their organizations. The financial services industry is two to three times more popular for investment analysts than any other industry. However, the investment management, banking, and investment banking industries are also good sectors to find investment analyst jobs.

Now, what are the top cities recent graduates work at? New York, New York is where graduates often find employment opportunities for investment analyst positions. Recent graduates will also be able to find positions in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

Salary Range: $65,787 - $110,000
Industry: Banking
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