Inventory Clerk

Keep track of a business's supplies and products.

What does an Inventory Clerk do?

As an Inventory Clerk, you track what comes in and goes out of a specific location (typically a warehouse or stockroom). Working in a factory, retail store, wholesale outlet, or distribution center, you carefully monitor shipments that are delivered, as well as those that are sent to customers.

An Inventory Clerk reports to the Inventory Manager, providing him with information on quantities of products on hand, as well as orders placed. Your keen attention to detail is a blessing in your position as an Inventory Clerk, since miscounting one box of widgets may result in hours spent determining where the error was made.

In factory settings, you are also responsible for keeping the assembly line rolling. You make sure enough pieces and parts are available to construct the widget around the clock (or as the schedule dictates) so the rest of the team can continue working. If your counts are off or if you miss the opportunity to purchase additional supplies, your seemingly small mistake can lead to considerable amounts of money lost.

Physical strength is required, as well as the ability to walk, stand, and sit for lengthy periods. Lifting boxes of gadgets and gizmos is also part of the job, so be sure you can consistently lift at least 50 pounds. This position gives you power, without wearing a suit to the office every day.