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Inventory Auditor



Check and double check that items are accounted for in back-rooms.

What does an Inventory Auditor do?

If you like to count and double-check lists, then the job of an Inventory Auditor might be for you. In this position, you verify the number of goods a store claims it has by counting each item in the store.

If you chose a career path towards being an Inventory Auditor, you can get a job either at a large corporation or at an independent auditing firm. If you work for a corporation, you perform audits for the same store, just in different locations. That means the goods you handle are limited to what that particular store sells. On the other hand, if you work for an independent firm, you handle goods of all kinds.

Day-to-day tasks vary widely when you’re an Inventory Auditor. One day, you might be counting shirts at a retail store, and the next, you might be counting packs of gum at a gas station. The upside to working for an independent firm is the variety, and the downside is the lack of consistency.

When you show up to count an entire inventory, you have help on your side. You work with a hand-held scanner that takes in a product’s bar code and lets you keep track of your counting. That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting if you were on number 12 or 212. You can also work with other Auditors, usually on an entire store audit which takes several days.

You double-check that a store has things properly labeled and properly priced, and has the number of things it claims it does. You work with the Store Owner to fix any mistakes you discover, and prepare a report of exactly what you find when you’re done working.

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