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Internet Reputation Manager



Keep companies safe from negative publicity in the Internet.

What does an Internet Reputation Manager do?

The Internet has made it possible for every person who loves a product to talk about it at length and in detail. Likewise, it has made it possible for angry people to expose a company’s faults. Internet Reputation Managers scour the Net for negative information about a company or client, and replace it with positive information.

As an Internet Reputation Manager, you may work for just one company, or you may be employed by an online reputation management organization that has many clients. Regardless of where you work, your work revolves around the web. Every day, as an Internet Reputation Manager, you run extensive searches, looking for comments that paint the company in a negative light. When you find some dirt, you’ve got several options on how to handle the situation. For instance you may offer an apology on a negative review, write up a positive blog post in response, or contact websites containing inaccurate information about your company.

You also get in touch with happy customers, encouraging them to write positive reviews about your company. Additionally, you write information about your company for other websites. You may start several blogs, for example, and stuff them full of articles about your company and its amazing products. You cram your articles with hot-button terms and keywords so people will see these flattering, fluffy stories at the top of online search results.

You don’t just work with the public, though; you also watch the actions of your clients, and encourage them to help you help them. For example, you may ask them to stop posting pictures of themselves on social media sites. Photos showing a CEO with a drink and a bikini-clad girl might be cute, but they might damage the reputation of the company in the long run and make your work harder to do.

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