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Internet Marketing Consultant



Help companies use Internet resources to launch promotional campaigns.

What does an Internet Marketing Consultant do?

Internet Marketing Consultants help clients find, attract, and retain website visitors using a variety of Internet marketing tools and techniques. In that way, they’re just like Internet Marketers. Because they’re Consultants instead of full-time employees, however, they’re not usually paid to monitor and maintain existing Internet marketing efforts. Instead, they’re usually paid to launch new ones.

A common scenario, for example, is a company that already has a website, but wants to improve it. As the Internet Marketing Consultant for that company, you first meet with the client to discuss goals, which might be more website visitors, longer website visits, or higher search engine rankings.

Next, you develop and execute an Internet marketing plan that typically has four components: The first is search engine optimization (SEO), which requires doing keyword research to identify relevant search terms. The second is content creation, which requires writing articles and blog posts that use those keywords and drive search engine traffic. The third is link building, which involves building relationships with Bloggers for the purpose of generating inbound links. Finally, the last component is social marketing, which involves viral marketing and social media.

As your clients’ Internet Marketing Consultant, you engineer and execute all of it, and then you top it all off by playing the part of Web Analytics Specialist, helping them measure and benchmark their progress and performance.

As you can see, the Internet is full of gold for those who know where to mine it. As an Internet Marketing Consultant, therefore, you play the part of Miner for your clients, who hire you to be their Tour Guide through the digital gold rush.

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