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International Student Director

Give guidance to foreign students and arrange study-abroad programs.

What does an International Student Director do?

An International Student Director is part Counselor and part Administrator. Working in an academic setting, the International Student Director oversees the entire study abroad program. From recruiting to serving as Student Advisor, it’s the job of the International Student Director to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As an International Student Director, you use your communication, listening, and organizational skills regularly. Courses in international affairs, business, academic counseling, and education prepare you for your daily tasks. Working with the college administration and embassy workers, you oversee the coordination of all international students. In addition, you coordinate the stateside college’s study aboard program.

Your ability to closely follow federal guidelines is important. Working with the U.S. Department of Human Services, you ensure that immigration requests are handled properly. Critical thinking is also essential for interpreting federal regulations and ensuring compliance. With your leadership and guidance, your staff handles the details, but the responsibility is ultimately yours.

Experience in human resource management is also beneficial. Typically, the international student affairs team includes many members, all of whom you supervise. Handling employee scheduling requests and addressing issues as they arise require patience and understanding.

Working with students of different cultures provides the opportunity to expand your horizons without leaving your office. Acting as an Advisor to students thousands of miles away from home provides immense satisfaction. The students may become lifelong friends, but even when you lose touch, you know you’ve made a difference in their lives.