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International Lawyer



Handle the legal aspect of setting up business overseas.

What does an International Lawyer do?

There are thousands of confusing laws to wade through every time an individual or business crosses a border. Fortunately, as an International Lawyer, you specialize in laws of other countries, and understanding how those laws differ from the regulations in your home country.

As an International Lawyer, you work mostly with businesses wishing to stretch a portion of their business into another country. When your client decides to move the business to Poland, you gather information on laws related to registering a business, owning property, and financing such a move. When the company opens a second location outside the country, you deal with the trade, customs, and foreign ownership laws spanning two or more countries. When clients relocate a portion of their business such as production or administration, the International Lawyer will help identify countries with the greatest tax, investment, and labor law benefits.

With any of these business choices, your job is to wade through the dizzying legal complications and streamline the process for your client. You research specific laws, prepare legal documents, and maintain correspondence between parties. Once contracts are agreed on, you analyze them for loopholes and legality before assisting your client through the closing process.

As an International Lawyer, you could also specialize in human rights. If you choose this path, you’ll take cases such as prosecuting or defending clients in regard to war crimes. You may also be called to represent a client at the World Court, an honor very few Lawyers experience.

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