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Internal Auditor



Work in-house at a company, reviewing the accuracy of financial statements.

What does an Internal Auditor do?

An Internal Auditor is an in-house employee who reviews a company’s accounting procedures, records, and reports. You do this to ensure that your company is complying with required standards and policies. Additionally, you evaluate your company’s operational efficiency, and report your findings to the highest levels of management.

Along with this report, you make recommendations on how to improve the overall structure and practices of the company. For example, you might suggest techniques to discover and prevent company fraud. So as an Internal Auditor, you need to be very knowledgeable about corporate policies, laws, and government regulations.

Most publicly traded companies have Internal Auditors to ensure compliance with both internal policies and outside regulatory standards. That’s because a competent Internal Auditor can significantly add value to an organization’s internal control, risk management, and governance processes. Companies need you to provide assurance to stakeholders, employees, providers of finance, and shareholders.

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